Bob Cash
Re: too bad you weren't there, Bob
Sat Nov 12, 15:04

Thank you for the invitation, Paul. Every year I try to figure out which event I can attend, TTR's or WWHA's and at least for the last four years something (work, political conventions, family health concerns, political campaigns, award dinner for my wife) always intervenes and blocks my attendance to either. I would really like attend next year and my schedule seems clear for now, so maybe I'll make it. The one TTR I attended a few years back was stupendous.

  • too bad you weren't there, Bobpaul j, Thu Nov 10 18:04
    Roy Young gave a presentation about the claim and its unlikelihood. Lots of other good presentations, too. Come join us next year! All the best! paul
    • Re: too bad you weren't there, Bob — Bob Cash, Sat Nov 12 15:04