Bob Cash
Re: How would you translate Virgils words
Sat Nov 12, 18:59

Thse are very nice suppositions and questions, but they in no way address the question I've been raising and you and Joyce have been beating around several bushes not to answer. How do you explain Fallehy quoting Virgil as saying he planned to kill the cowboys on sight and Behan quoting him as saying he would give the cowboys a chnce to make a fight. It's not saying the same thing two different ways. One would suggest planned or premeditated murder, while the other, while injudicious and not something town fathers would like to hear their main "peace officer say, only implies a response after the cowboys acted in an illegal, violent manner.How many gunfight participants in te Old West were covicted of murder after giving their opponents a chance to fight?

  • How would you translate Virgils wordsTom Gaumer, Sat Nov 12 15:12
    Bob as reported by Behan? "I said to Earp you had better disarm the crowd; He said he would not, he would give them a chance to make a fight." Isn't it fair to assume that Virgil would not give... more
    • Re: How would you translate Virgils words — Bob Cash, Sat Nov 12 18:59
      • Re: Re: How would you translate Virgils wordsTom Gaumer, Sat Nov 12 22:01
        Bob Unanswered suppositions and questions make points. Focus on Virgil He is going to give them a chance to fight which he believes will result in their death or he will shoot them on sight which... more
        • Re: Re: Re: How would you translate Virgils wordsBob Cash, Mon Nov 14 10:09
          Tom, you are now making an entirely new argument to the question of why Fallehy and Behan testified to different statements by Virgil. You, apparently, now are saying that Virgil made both statements,... more
          • In trying to reach the truthTom Gaumer, Wed Nov 16 5:29
            I know Fellehy was in the Inquest and not the hearing. What he said does not become irrelevant because of that. Behan testified to a couple other things which might have some application about what... more