Tom Gaumer
Re: Re: How would you translate Virgils words
Sat Nov 12, 2022 22:01

Unanswered suppositions and questions make points.

Focus on Virgil

He is going to give them a chance to fight which he believes will result in their death or he will shoot them on sight which will result in their death. Either way they die in Virgils expectationss.

I would guess Virgil wqs fired up when he said he was going to shoot them on site. As you know in the old west people could reply to threats with violence and regularly get away with it.

I would guess he calmed down a little when he said he would give them a chance to fight.

I would guess in either case he believed they would end up dead.

Quotes do not have to be exact to be counted. What is communicated might matter.

Lawmen were not supposed to be gunfight participants or give their opponents a chance to fight. They were to try and grasp the concept of avoiding a fight and enforcing the law with a minimum of violence.

You seem a little bush beaten yourself.
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