Joyce A. Aros
In your opinion?....
Sun Nov 13, 2022 6:32

Bless your heart, Bob. Almost no one ever asks for MY opinion!

However, you did. Apparently, as Tom described, Fellahy was in a very good position to hear what Virgil said and his confident statement shows why the Defense did not call him as a witness, though the Prosecution should have come out of their stupor and recognized a bonanza!

Virgil could easily have talked to someone not as close and still be heard. The atmosphere had to be electric at that point as a crowd had gathered and they all were wanting to hear what was happening.

Virgil was a stupid man (Olds, pardon my name-calling) and Spicer knew he had to compensate for what Virgil had done in exposing his belligerence.

  • Re: Re: Are we to assume...Bob Cash, Sat Nov 12 2022 7:53
    Even if Spicer were allowed to consider Inquest testimony, he would have had to consider whether Fallehey or Behan were in the best position to understand what Virgil said to Behan. According to Behan's... more
    • In your opinion?.... — Joyce A. Aros, Sun Nov 13 2022 6:32
      • It's semantics, butolds, Sun Nov 13 2022 9:28
        describing someone as stupid is not name-calling any more than would be describing someone as thuggish. Calling someone a thug is name-calling. Adjective vs. noun. As a rule, the problem with name-calling,... more
        • Olds/ it is only fair to tell you...,.Joyce A. Aros, Sun Nov 13 2022 12:18
          ...that you are talking to someone who never completed the fifth grade and so am considered a fourth grade idiot. What that amounts to is I haven't the faintest idea what the heck you are talking about,... more
          • In other wordsolds, Sun Nov 13 2022 13:05
            what we have here is a failure to communicate? Tell you what. Let's make a deal. If I accept half the blame for not expressing myself clearly (or perhaps too clearly since clarity, like compression, so... more
            • Joyce Aros!Sharon Cunningham, Mon Nov 14 2022 14:31
              Olds, wordsmith that you are.... please know that you are 100% correct in that Joyce Aros is In wonderful company... and she can dang well hold her own with the lot of them!
            • Olds/ a good deal....Joyce A. Aros, Sun Nov 13 2022 14:54
              ...I have no trouble accepting responsibility. I'd just like Spicer and a few others to be held accountable if only in absentia. (spelling?) And I thank you for reassuring me that lack of sufficient... more
            • Forgot to add--olds, Sun Nov 13 2022 13:31
              Faulkner was a high school dropout as well. Anyone see a pattern here? Thomas, not Tom, Wolfe, on the other hand, had a graduate degree from Harvard, which perhaps explains why he is virtually unreadable.... more
              • Faulkner ages well (nm)Dan Brown, Sun Nov 13 2022 19:58
                • Exactly.olds, Sun Nov 13 2022 20:48
                  And like many if not most writers of his caliber, not that there are many, his work benefits from re-reading. Someone, a teacher probably, once counseled me that one of the criteria when appraising... more
                  • Yes, absolutelyDan Brown, Tue Nov 15 2022 11:55
                    We grow together, the book and I. There is an alchemy in the experience.
                    • That's the word,olds, Tue Nov 15 2022 15:55
                      and it's a good one--alchemy. Only the best work affords the reader that experience. (There's a reason it's called the PHILOSOPHER'S stone.) Evan Connell, he of the terrific "Son of the Morning Star,"... more
    • Here is what Fellehy said as to his positionTom Gaumer, Sat Nov 12 2022 18:15
      Bob with regard to Virgil and Johnny. "A stranger that was standing near me says "there goes the Sheriff" He was going towards the Marshal FOLLOWED HIM RIGHT AFTER. [C ORRECT AS IN THE ORIGINAL].... more
    • Bob/ to answer your last question...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Nov 12 2022 13:07
      Why would you assume Fellahy was 'trying' to hear what was said? We don't know if he was very close or not, but he seemed pretty confident about what he heard. And as Virgil was irritated enough to make... more
    • skip to part two....Joyce A. Aros, Sat Nov 12 2022 9:20
      I understand your point but I think I did not make mine clear. I am fully aware Spicer could not incorporate the Inquest testimony into the Hearing testimony. I was trying to focus on how biased Spicer... more
      • I always liked Ike's testimony best!Dan Brown, Sun Nov 13 2022 12:59
        Ike would have fit in well today. I'm not entirely sure where. Maybe in an all night donut shop in San Francisco. His testimony turned the page for a lot folks. It is far more impressive than Wyatt's written... more
        • Dan/ Ike's testimony....Joyce A. Aros, Sun Nov 13 2022 14:58
          I think you are the first person I have talked with who saw Ike's testimony as interesting and even enlightening. I thought he handled himself quite well even though the Defense lawyer seemed so frustrated... more