Dan Brown
Don't mention it...
Sun Nov 13, 2022 11:40

You're correct on both counts.

I see now that spry was not the right word. It is something one is more likely to hear in a Canal Street boom-boom house just before the beginning of the third round. Or in nearby cockfight: look at that rooster crow! Spry is no substitute for vigor.

And, yes, attitude is just one more tool in the Craftsman's trade box.

71 birthdays aren't bad; you should see the other guy...

  • Thanks, butolds, Sat Nov 12 2022 6:55
    I really dislike that word, "spry." It's only used to describe those of a certain age. Which age I am, I suppose, but who needs reminding, especially when my back reminds me by screaming at me every morning... more
    • Don't mention it... — Dan Brown, Sun Nov 13 2022 11:40