Dan Brown
Faulkner ages well (nm)
Sun Nov 13, 2022 18:58

  • Forgot to add--olds, Sun Nov 13 2022 12:31
    Faulkner was a high school dropout as well. Anyone see a pattern here? Thomas, not Tom, Wolfe, on the other hand, had a graduate degree from Harvard, which perhaps explains why he is virtually unreadable.... more
    • Faulkner ages well (nm) — Dan Brown, Sun Nov 13 2022 18:58
      • Exactly.olds, Sun Nov 13 2022 19:48
        And like many if not most writers of his caliber, not that there are many, his work benefits from re-reading. Someone, a teacher probably, once counseled me that one of the criteria when appraising... more
        • Yes, absolutelyDan Brown, Tue Nov 15 2022 10:55
          We grow together, the book and I. There is an alchemy in the experience.
          • That's the word,olds, Tue Nov 15 2022 14:55
            and it's a good one--alchemy. Only the best work affords the reader that experience. (There's a reason it's called the PHILOSOPHER'S stone.) Evan Connell, he of the terrific "Son of the Morning Star,"... more