Tom Gaumer
Does anyone know about this machine?
Mon Nov 14, 2:50

There is a machine that can get DNA from a buried corpse without shovel digging.

It burrows down very narrowly, when possible, and gets DNA.

Does anyone know what it is called and what it costs to search one grave?

Keep Laughing and avoid shovel digging

    • Re: Does anyone know about this machine?Wayne Sanderson, Tue Nov 15 4:36
      Ask the Brushy Bill Bonney-Roberts crowd- At least one of those wild eyed dreamers are probably standing over a grave in Hico TX trying to get it to work.
    • DNA sequence machineHenrik63, Tue Nov 15 3:47
      A machine that “scrapes” top layer and thus collects DNA is used by field biologists to establish which species of wildlife was living there earlier. Could that be the machine?
      • Thanks for that. I don't knowTom Gaumer, Wed Nov 16 0:36
        Henrick63 I've heard about the maachine but I don't know anything about it. It may not even exist. I thought someone on BJ's might know considering how it could help on some history questions. ... more