Tom Gaumer
Thanks for that. I don't know
Wed Nov 16, 2022 0:36


I've heard about the maachine but I don't know anything about it. It may not even exist.

I thought someone on BJ's might know considering how it could help on some history questions.

Is Billy the kid really in the grave he is supposed to be in in spite of flooding in that area?

Is Doc Holliday buried in the top of the mountain grave or was he buried down below and never moved up on top when the weather got better as some others were moved in the spring?
What about the two unmarked graves ingraves in Greorgia wwhere some say Doc was moved by his family? Is Doc in one of them as a writer about him has suggested?

This machine, if it exists, would have to be able to dig down a few feet or have an accompanying machine to dig a narrow hole, it seems to me. The whole point of the machine is to avoid having to dig up a coffin or a body without a large excavation.

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  • DNA sequence machineHenrik63, Tue Nov 15 2022 3:47
    A machine that “scrapes” top layer and thus collects DNA is used by field biologists to establish which species of wildlife was living there earlier. Could that be the machine?
    • Thanks for that. I don't know — Tom Gaumer, Wed Nov 16 2022 0:36