Tom Gaumer
In trying to reach the truth
Wed Nov 16, 2022 5:29

I know Fellehy was in the Inquest and not the hearing. What he said does not become irrelevant because of that.

Behan testified to a couple other things which might have some application about what Fellehy said.

Fellehy said, "the sheriff asked the marshal to take a drink in the Hafford saloon. and "I did not see them after they went in the saloon." Two references to them in the saloon.

Behan in the hearing was asked if Virgil took a drink in Haffords with him? Behans answer, "I do not remember whether he took a rink or not.

Question to Behan in hearing, "Did you not at that time and place say to one of the Fly's, "I'm about the only witness to that fight, am I not? Behans answer " I don't remember..."

Behan is asked if he made and insulting statement about Captain Murray when in Haffords Bar with Virgil just before the fight. . Behan said "I don't remember..."

Behan is kind of forgetful, maybe with Fellehy also.

There are other things that can indicate Virgils intentions and attitude including the results of his foolishness.

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    Tom, you are now making an entirely new argument to the question of why Fallehy and Behan testified to different statements by Virgil. You, apparently, now are saying that Virgil made both statements,... more
    • In trying to reach the truth — Tom Gaumer, Wed Nov 16 2022 5:29