Joyce A. Aros
Apparently, the 'dream team'...
Thu Nov 17, 7:32

...slept soundly through some exciting information. Especially as one on the Prosecution side was reported to be a criminal Lawyer. I can't tell if we ever heard from him with his expertise, but he may have been sent for coffee as the others were having a hard time keeping involved.

I am no lawyer, but it seems obvious to me that none of the legal representatives on Ike's side were other than corporation lawyers dealing with the mining industry, taxes, and so on. They knew almost nothing about criminal law proceedings. And such examinations may well have been under-evaluated in Tombstone as most criminal conduct got handled pretty quick on the streets by law officers or by riders who made it over the mountains pretty quick.

The clown on the Defense side seemed to know his business, but he was inclined to ridicule, intimidate, and make up ridiculous questions. He was more of a showman, it seems. Read just some of his questions without looking at the answers. He completely accepted Wyatt's story without any attempt to strengthen it or back it up. He assumed he could just insist upon it.

Though it was Behan's testimony in the Inquest, his quoting one of the Earps approaching the ranchers and telling them "...they OUGHT to make a fight!..." should have gotten some response from the Prosecution. It didn't, though they had to know about it and should have required Behan to repeat it in the Hearing. It was explosive!

Mrs. King's testimony on both counts was damaging, yet she was all but ignored by both sides. She made no mistakes, did not 'mis-hear' anything. She was fully alert and engaged, close enough to hear Virgil's instructions, even to the point of noting he turned his head enough so Wyatt and Morgan. in back, got the message. She even changed her wording to 'let them have it' to show she fully understood what was said and meant.

...and the Prosecution snored on! Wes Fuller and Billy Allen also had important testimony which went right over their heads. Some 'Dream Team.' I still feel sorry for Ike as he trusted what he thought were lawyers; to him, all lawyers being the same.

    • Truly a Dream TeamCasey Tefertiller, Sat Nov 19 8:38
      Joyce, You present a fascinating piece of sophistry on how Ike Clanton managed to select a remarkable bunch of boobs to run the prosecution of the Earps. You claim they were a bunch of mining attorneys... more
      • Casey/ a little more about...Joyce A. Aros, Sun Nov 20 6:48
        ...the 'dream team,' on both sides. I am really concerned about the willingness to accept the outstanding credentials of these men and yet I see what I consider very poor performance. I suspicion their... more
        • Let's try againCasey Tefertiller, Mon Nov 21 8:51
          Joyce, Let me try again. The purpose for attorneys on both sides was to win the case. That was their sole purpose. They were not trying to create a historical record because they anticipated... more
          • Casey/ trying again...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Nov 22 7:29
            Casey, Thank you for the crash course as there is always much to learn when it comes to complications of the Law at any time in history, and more so now. And in all fairness, one has to recognize that... more
            • Re: Casey/ trying again...Casey Tefertiller, Wed Nov 23 10:34
              Joyce, Before I can respond, I need to ask a couple of questions. First, why do you believe Billy Clanton was still sitting on his horse? I would have expected he would have dismounted, but that... more
              • To continue,,,,,Joyce A. Aros, Wed Nov 23 15:58
                ...I think you are being a little unfair in assuming Ike was 'shooting off his mouth' to anyone he could. Actually, other than the episode in the courtroom after Virgil arrested him, no one who witnessed... more
              • Casey/ Thank you for your kindness....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Nov 23 13:44
                ...regarding the Holliday time. People my age find that most of their family are spread all over the country and time and distance make a difference in gathering together. No one comes to grandma's house... more