Joyce A. Aros
Casey/ I have to wonder...
Thu Nov 17, 2022 10:01

...why you think the Nugget should have made a major issue out of the 'kill them on sight" comment. The Nugget missed making an issue over quite a few comments in testimony that were just as serious. They blew over them.

The Prosecution lawyers did not bring up much of anything! Incompetence is an understatement! Even poor Will McLaury was way in over his head from the stress, the grief, the anger and so on; plus he was not a criminal lawyer and was in a hostile environment for the most part. He made it clear he thought the Prosecution lawyers were intimidated and it seems pretty likely he was right, though we can only evaluate them on their performance as we were not there.

I think I have found, in probably half the witness testimonies, where the Prosecution should have jumped out of their chairs and did not react at all. One day I will list them all and we will have fun analyzing them. They should have walked away with that case in such a way that even crooked Spicer couldn't save it!

I doubt if Behan really feared a grilling from Fitch as Behan seemed less than excitable. Fitch was a vaudeville performer. Even Ike saw through him.

Goodrich's team simply neglected to call on Fellahy the same way they neglected a number of great opportunities. They were just not up to the job or they were scared.

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    Steve, Thanks for those interesting thoughts. Yes, I guess that Fellehy could have been terrorized by the Earps, or he could have been running away from seagulls with Tippi Hedron. Anything is... more
    • Casey/ I have to wonder... — Joyce A. Aros, Thu Nov 17 2022 10:01