Joyce A. Aros
P.S. correction below...
Sat Nov 19, 2022 12:55

2nd to last line should be'...why wouldn't the Prosecution...'

I have to refer to both of Mrs. King's statements; Inquest and Hearing. The Inquest had to be on their minds if they were as sharp as you claim, as they would have done some preparation.

According to Mrs. King, Frank spoke to the man with him on Fremont and said "...if you wish to find US, you will find US just below here..." Clearly Frank was not inviting this man to a gunfight and he spoke of his associates in the plural form. The Prosecution didn't find any profit in developing this further? Were they asleep?

Mrs. King did not know the Earps, but she knew Holliday by sight. She stepped to the doorway and looked up the sidewalk and saw four men coming down. She sounds fully alert, engaged, and not too intimidated so one can hardly use the excuse she didn't know or hear what was happening.

She describes Holliday as on the inside, against the building she is in. She saw the shotgun. When they got to the second door, she heard one of the men say 'Let them have it!' Doc Holliday answered with 'All right!' To try to claim she heard only partially is grasping at straws. She stated in her Hearing testimony that when she leaned out the recessed doorway, Holliday was "...only about two feet from her..." She said the man on the outside looked around at Holliday and said "...Let them have it!..." According to Wyatt's own testimony, Virgil was up front next to Holliday and Wyatt and Morgan were behind them, so it was Virgil who gave such instruction.

Yet the Prosecution did not make any attempt to jump on this and hang Virgil! They must have been 'dreaming.'

In the Nugget newspaper she was asked if, when Frank separated from his walking companion, could she clarify whether Frank told the man "...YOU will find us just below here..." or did he say "...THEY will find us just below here..." She said the word YOU was used. Apparently one of those guys woke up from their stupor and made note of something! But even then, the Prosecution could have expanded on that point and...didn't.

Martha King also made mention of the 'Let them have it!' comment by establishing that she fully understood the implications. She switched her vernacular to 'Give it to them!' She fully understood what she heard and what was meant...and the Prosecution sat on their expensively manicured hands!!!

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