Bob Cash
Re: remarkable flub-ups...
Sat Nov 19, 13:50

Joyce, you state: "For example, I would expect the Prosecution to subpoena the fellow Frank was walking and talking with on Fremont just before Behan caught up with him. Would it not be beneficial to learn what was discussed and whether it had anything to do with Frank's immediate plans? Would it establish if Frank was there for trouble or business; what his attitude was, his concerns? Are these the things a lawyer would want to develop to protect his client or am I off base?"

It would seem that one possible reason that they did not subpoena Frank's companion is that his testimony about their conversation would not have helped Frank. That could have been because Frank said nothing about his immediate plans or the Earps, or Frank used the kind of aggressive language toward the Earps that he did when speaking to Behan. I have never been clear on the source, but I have seen it alleged that one of Ike's attorneys, Marcus Smith, was the person speaking to Frank.