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Bob Cash What does this suggest about
Sat Nov 19, 15:13


That he went to the scene of the shooting when there wasn't even the slightest need for him to do so?

He knew Behan had set out to try and solve the problem.
Why run over him and not allow Behan to complete his effort?

When one of the vigilantes told him the cowboys were on Fremont, Virgil immediately went over there.
Why without checking on if Behan was still there solving the problem?

What evidence did Virgil have that his presence was needed or desired as Behan had told him that would result in a gunfight?

Why did Virgil not stop and talk to Behan at whatever length was necessary to gather the most current inteelligence about possible dangerous enemies. Information that might effect whether the Earp party lived or died.

Both Wyatt and Virgil claimed Behan had told them he had disarmed the cowboys and they had believed it and put away their guns. So they believed Behan had succeeded in the mission to disarm the cowboys. So why did Virgil push on to a confrontation with men Wyatt and Virgil claimed to believe were unarmed?

Considering the costs to the Earps, Virgil must have had a really significant and important reason to push on to confront these men He testified to believing had been disarmed by Behan. What was it?

Morgan shot within an inch of death.
Virgil shot in the leg.
Virgil suspended from his job and not rehired when his leg wound would have been better
Perhaps Wyatt lost his in the Oriental when Virgil lost his?
Morgan probably lost his job when Virgil lost his.
Virgil was killed a couple months later but he refused to die and settled for crippled for life.
Pressure was placed by some citizens to remove Wyatt and Virgil as US deputy marsshals.
Morgan is killed.
Wyatt is wanted for murder of Stilwell and maybe Indian Charlie(?)
Earps must pay legal bills to one of the best lawyers, who not cheap.
Then other legal fees for two more efforts by Ike.

Wyatt must lose income during several weeks he is in jail.
The Earps were all run out of Arizona with the possibility of a shootout with Behans posse who outnumbered them on the way out.

Now what reason did Virgil have to confront men who he and Wyatt believed, according to their own testimony, had been disarmed by Behan which was supposedly the reason for the whole thing.

Shouldn't his reason be a big and giant and terrifically significant one considering the possible cost???

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