Hey Tom, the real cause of the gunfight…
Sat Nov 19, 15:37

… the Clanton’s and McLaurys violated Melkotian space and were forced to fight the Earps.

  • I'll pay half. Apparently no one hereTom Gaumer, Sat Nov 19 14:09
    Howdy Eddie has ever seen even a reference to such a machine. Perhaps it was just theoretical or imaginary? It was being mentioned in reference to figuring out which of several graves is Ike... more
    • Ike Clanton grave researchRobert Buckley, Sat Nov 19 14:50
      Have you read this Tom ? Look for the photo of the grave with a natural ‘X’ on the stone. https://apcrp.org/CLANTON ,%20Ike/1_CLANTON_IKE_AZ_Pioneer_INT_MAST.htm#:~:text=Brighton%2C%20near%20Springe... more
      • I saw the picture briefly but then myTom Gaumer, Mon Nov 21 4:44
        Robert computer said 404 error and screen went blank. I barely saw your neat picture. The last time I heard this discussed there were several possible graves and they were not sure which was Ike's... more
        • Re: I saw the picture briefly but then myRobert Buckley, Mon Nov 21 19:41
          Tom, l haven’t heard anymore about this. Perhaps someone could contact Terry and get his thoughts on this today. I would like to hear what he has to say.
          • Thanks. I saw your map and story.Tom Gaumer, Mon Nov 21 21:35
            Robert Terry has or had a business and home in Tombstone. I would guess he is available there on occasion and would talk about it. His business is right across Allen street from Vogans restaurant and... more