Tom Gaumer
I saw the picture briefly but then my
Mon Nov 21, 4:44


computer said 404 error and screen went blank.

I barely saw your neat picture.

The last time I heard this discussed there were several possible graves and they were not sure which was Ike's but they had a theory about it. I also heard BLM would not allow them to move Ike even if they found the right grave. Also Terry Ike Clanton said he needed lawyer help to make progress on the matter. A guy in the audience who was an ex policeman and then a lawyer volunteered to help. That is the last I heard about it

Have you heard more?
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  • Ike Clanton grave researchRobert Buckley, Sat Nov 19 14:50
    Have you read this Tom ? Look for the photo of the grave with a natural ‘X’ on the stone. ,%20Ike/1_CLANTON_IKE_AZ_Pioneer_INT_MAST.htm#:~:text=Brighton%2C%20near%20Springe... more
    • I saw the picture briefly but then my — Tom Gaumer, Mon Nov 21 4:44
      • Re: I saw the picture briefly but then myRobert Buckley, Mon Nov 21 19:41
        Tom, l haven’t heard anymore about this. Perhaps someone could contact Terry and get his thoughts on this today. I would like to hear what he has to say.
        • Thanks. I saw your map and story.Tom Gaumer, Mon Nov 21 21:35
          Robert Terry has or had a business and home in Tombstone. I would guess he is available there on occasion and would talk about it. His business is right across Allen street from Vogans restaurant and... more