Joyce A. Aros
RIP Ike...
Tue Nov 22, 8:02

Jerry, it is interesting...that the letter sent to Terry expressed concern about maintaining originality in the cemetery, when that is not a valid concern.
Graves appear to have been moved at times. When I was a teen=ager in the 1950's my father and I came every year to Tombstone for some time. I clearly recall the graves of Frank, Tom, and Billy being right up by the fence-line where you park your car. At some time they were remarked as further down the hill no doubt so people could not get a free look at them. Cemeteries are free access but try to get past the little hut without paying a donation!

  • For Tom: RIP IkeJerry Prather, Tue Nov 22 6:47 Tom, considering your recent posts concerning the long buried Ike, Gary thought this might be of interest to you. Jerry
    • Thanks Jerry Very interesting.Tom Gaumer, Sat Nov 26 2:10
      I heard Ben Traywick say that if Terry could get control of Ike's body Ben and a couple others would get it into Boothill. I think Ben and friends could have done it but they were short an Ike. Keep... more
    • RIP Ike... — Joyce A. Aros, Tue Nov 22 8:02