Casey Tefertiller
The Dream Team was winning
Fri Dec 02, 2022 11:41


I have been tied up, but I wanted to clear up some points.

Your initial complaint was that — in your opinion — the Dream Team did a lousy job. That is clearly not true because until almost the end of the prosecution case, Ben Goodrich was clearly winning. Wyatt Earp and Holliday had been remanded to Behan’s custody. Spicer was knocking down most defense motions.

The prosecution case fell apart when it became clear that its witnesses were untrustworthy. Perhaps the most important point was when Williams basically accused Behan of lying. Other witnesses destroyed the case as well.

For example, Addie Borland (Borland, not Bourland) testified that Holliday approached one of the men, then stepped back before the shooting began. This clearly shows that the Earp party did not turn the corner and “shoot them on sight.” There had to be a separation of time between the approach and the beginning of the firing.

There are a couple of other issues to address:

You made an important point that Billy Clanton was sitting on his horse when Sills passed by, and you claimed that Sills failed to notice this. Coleman says that BC rode his horse across the street, but makes no indication that he remained on the horse a few minutes later, when Sills would have passed the OK Corral. BC had to dismount at some point, so we cannot assume that he was still sitting astride his horse while Ike blubbered on.

You keep comparing people you knew 20 or 30 years ago to the outlaws of Cochise County. Did you really hang out with cattle rustlers, stage robbers and misanthropes? Did any of your friends rob a freighter and leave him to die on a country road? Did they shoot at someone’s feet to make them dance? Did they rig elections to get soft-on-crime Democrats into power?

I certainly hope not.

These were not the cowboys of Roy and Gene, and their swell guitars. These were call Cow-boys before the term was repurposed for another use. In 1881, Cow-boys meant outlaws, not gentle herdsmen. I certainly hope your friends were not Cow-boys.

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    • The Dream Team was winning — Casey Tefertiller, Fri Dec 02 2022 11:41
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