• But can we be sure that the peer...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Dec 07 2022 13:01
    ...review in itself is faultless? There are many history books out there that contain errors and some are subject to influence from myths that have developed, mine own included. Re-examination is always... more
    • Re: But can we be sure that the peer...B.J., Sat Dec 10 2022 1:15
      One of the first things which I have learned in my history graduate program: How little which I really knew about scholastic research. Also how some historians & history buff’s belief systems and... more
      • The McLaurysSharon Cunningham, Thu Dec 15 2022 8:05
        Discuss with Pam Potter, too, B.J. She, Paul J and the McLaury boys are all cousins!!
      • BJ/ I think we finally agree...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Dec 10 2022 8:35
        ...to some degree on something. But I don't see the McLaurys doing much high finance wheelin' and dealin.'
      • Hey Olds…B.J., Sat Dec 10 2022 1:30
        please remember to empty your vocabulary foley bag prior to posting a philosophical response my friend 😆
    • Peer Review — B.J., Thu Dec 08 2022 1:21