Thanks Mike and Peter...
Fri Dec 09, 2022 6:21

I just ordered the new Perry Mallon book from Amazon.

  • Peter Brand and Perry MallonMike Mayberry, Thu Dec 08 2022 4:56
    My latest podcast with Peter Brand is on iTunes now. We discuss his new book about Perry Mallon. The only man to have arrested Doc Holliday. Tap on the link to listen. more
    • Thanks Mike and Peter... — Robert Buckley, Fri Dec 09 2022 6:21
      • Perry MallonPeter Brand, Fri Dec 09 2022 12:25
        Thanks for your support Robert. Hope you enjoy the new edition. Cheers PB
    • Doc arrestedPeter Brand, Thu Dec 08 2022 13:15
      Thank you for the opportunity to do another podcast, Mike. Doc was arrested many times in his life, but Perry Mallon stands out as the only man to have arrested an Earp Vendetta Posse rider for the... more