Joyce A. Aros
Smoke & Mirrors!....
Fri Dec 09, 2022 12:00

...As you probably knew it would, I got bogged down heavily until I got to "Perhaps..."

And that is where I am. Trying to establish how and why these inaccuracies developed in the first place! Therefore, I will indeed forge ahead because I believe answers least most of them; based on reason, logic, and that elusive and invaluable thing called 'truth!'

With appreciation,

  • Unfortunately, if we areolds, Fri Dec 09 2022 10:37
    going to be precise and accurate in the way we use the language, to sufficiently answer your questions requires opening the pandora's box (which is itself a myth) of definitions. What, for instance, are... more
    • Smoke & Mirrors!.... — Joyce A. Aros, Fri Dec 09 2022 12:00
      • There is a whole otherolds, Fri Dec 09 2022 12:46
        if no less abstract discussion to be had about the difference between Fact and Truth, but I will spare us both the "boggy" agony of going there.
        • the "boggy" agony of going there...Dan Brown, Tue Dec 13 2022 16:18
          I have to admit you have a way with words. A good way, actually.
          • He certainly doesButch Badon, Thu Jan 05 11:54
            And I hang onto every word of his writings. Butch
          • Half the time, Dan,olds, Wed Dec 14 2022 5:41
            I suspect that it's the words that are having their way with me, but I learned long ago not to fight their flow when they're flowing. Swimming against their tide gets you nowhere fast. It's a dance. They... more
            • Remember what they saidDan Brown, Mon Dec 19 2022 22:35
              About Ginger Rogers: she did everything Fred did and she did it backwards. You're all right on those tricky parts. Just keep the toes tapping.