Earp Brothers YouTube Documentary
Sun Dec 11, 2022 4:40

    • The Clantons and their friends the McLaury brothersButch Badon, Thu Jan 05 11:36
      came into town for a night of drinking and gambling. OK, this couldn't be more wrong, especially for historians such as Metz and Marks. Somebody needs to get a handle on what went on the night before.... more
      • Metz was always biased
        • MetzButch Badon, Tue Jan 24 13:31
          Yes, he was. And so is everyone else who has ever written even the smallest paragraph about this or any other subject. Butch
          • Metzgobs, Wed Jan 25 4:03
            Butch ... Joe Nolan wrote a LOT of big paragraphs without a hint of bias, unless you include the sin of unintentional omission ... James B. Mills the same ... take care
      • The Clantons & friend's activities...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jan 05 12:50
        Butch, you may disagree with my angle but here it is. I am sure we cannot come to any agreement with many other posters and writers in evaluating what happened until everyone gets over their automatic... more
        • No disagreement here JoyceButch Badon, Thu Jan 05 14:28
          I was simply pointing out how there are aspects of this era in Cochise County that have not yet (to my knowledge) been fully explored. I hope someone takes up the task. Butch
    • EarpsEddie Lanham, Tue Dec 13 2022 15:38
      Who are those young folks telling the stories!
      • The link for the OK corral shootout “who shot who and when bRandie O'Neal, Tue Dec 13 2022 20:14
        I don’t know who put that up a while back. It wasn’t in you tube but another video service.
        • I think theyButch Badon, Thu Jan 05 14:30
          only thing we can be sure of is that Holliday shot Tom McLaury. After that, all is speculation regarding who shot who and in what sequence. Butch
          • Re: I think theyBob Cash, Sat Jan 21 18:26
            Possibly the truest post ever to make a appearance on this page, Butch (unless one believes Billy Allen's testimony).