Patrick mulligan
writter of the Nugget Article on the gunfight
Tue Dec 20, 2022 16:06

The writer of the Article was none other than the Undersheriff for John Behan.
He was also the editor of the Nugget.

Now think of what he saw, who might he have interviewed before Woods wrote the FIRST DESCRIPTION of the Gunfight.

Things later changed, but the first description by Woods(LAW OFFICER) and who he interviewed (probably BEHAN) should be thought of a witness testimony '

  • re: have you read the Nuggets original story?Jones, Fri Aug 19 2022 8:05
    The sim was made from only using sworn testimonies. For the most part, I tried to avoid taking in info from other places until I was satisfied the fight had sorted itself out well enough. I just reread,... more
    • writter of the Nugget Article on the gunfight — Patrick mulligan, Tue Dec 20 2022 16:06
      • re: writter of the Nugget Article on the gunfightJones, Thu Dec 22 2022 19:27
        Interesting combination of jobs. Law officer/editor. I do think there is a difference between sworn testimony and a news article. The news article may very well have useful info. The sim was created... more