re: Wyatt/Ike at the lot
Thu Dec 22, 2022 19:22

Testamony Trial Hayhurst:
(Q) At the time the Earp party and Holliday came up to where you and the McLaurys and Bill Clanton were standing, what, if anything, did Wyatt Earp do?
(A) He shoved his pistol up against my belly and told me to throw up my hands. He said, "You son-of-a-bitch, you can have a fight!" I turned on my heel, taking Wyatt Earp's hand and pistol with my left hand and grabbed him around the shoulder with my right hand and held him for a few seconds. While I was holding him he shot.

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  • Wyatt/Ike at the lotPatrick mulligan, Tue Dec 20 2022 15:57
    I have reread the testimony and neither Ike nor wyatt say that a shot was fired during their wrestling match. Can you tell me what you based Wyatt firing while Ike held him comes from ?
    • re: Wyatt/Ike at the lot — Jones, Thu Dec 22 2022 19:22