Behan's witnesses against Holliday
Tue Dec 27, 2022 18:31

Behan made a report on Holliday's alleged involvement in the Benson stage attempt./
Ed Bartholomew in his book, Wyatt Earp, The man and the myth, listed his witnesses for his complaint.
It was alleged that Kate had confided in Emma Parker. She fell out with Emma and Emma told Ed Burn's wife. Kate later got into a shouting match with Mrs Burns and Mrs Burns yelled that her husband didnt rob stages or shoot passengers.
Behan called William Poterfield a miner, Emma Parker a madam, and and J.S. Robinson.
My question is are there any records of what they testified to? I am not sure who Maggie Irwin or J.S. Robinson are?
I am guessing that Behan called these people as they may have over heard these accusations made in public and verified that they were said? I am guessing none of the witnesses had actual evidence to tie Doc to the holdup? Maggie Irwin allegedly also got word to Behan that Doc was involved. All hearsay?