sorry this prompted me twice (nm)
Tue Dec 27, 2022 18:48

  • Behan's witnesses against Doc/Benson stagejbfrey, Tue Dec 27 2022 18:46
    In Ed Bartholomews book, Wyatt Earp, The Man and the Myth, he asserts that Behan made a formal report on Jun 2 of Doc's alleged involvement in the Benson stage attempt. It was claimed that Kate had confided... more
    • This was discussed last year... I thinkPeter Brand, Tue Dec 27 2022 23:25
      Hi Bruce In his haste to sling mud at Holliday and Earp, I think Bartholomew made a mistake in regards to what he wrote on page 153 of his book. I think the Territory Vs. J. H. Holliday was a felony... more
    • sorry this prompted me twice (nm) — bfrey, Tue Dec 27 2022 18:48