Peter Brand
This was discussed last year... I think
Tue Dec 27, 2022 23:25

Hi Bruce

In his haste to sling mud at Holliday and Earp, I think Bartholomew made a mistake in regards to what he wrote on page 153 of his book.

I think the Territory Vs. J. H. Holliday was a felony indictment from May 1881 in regards to his previous clash with Milt Joyce. The Epitaph reported on June 4, 1881 that Doc's lawyer tried to get it tossed out in regards to the selection of the Grand Jury. This ploy was dismissed and then his lawyer applied for a change venue.

Behan did not arrest Doc in regards to the Benson Stage mess until July, 1881 and this was due to Kate's drunken statement. And these charges never went to the Grand Jury. They were heard in local court and were dismissed.

The witnesses listed by Bartholomew did not relate to the Benson stage conversation in my opinion, but rather the earlier Grand Jury felony indictment in regards to Milt Joyce. Those named were all male, and may have been at the saloon when Doc clashed with Joyce.


  • Behan's witnesses against Doc/Benson stagejbfrey, Tue Dec 27 2022 18:46
    In Ed Bartholomews book, Wyatt Earp, The Man and the Myth, he asserts that Behan made a formal report on Jun 2 of Doc's alleged involvement in the Benson stage attempt. It was claimed that Kate had confided... more
    • This was discussed last year... I think — Peter Brand, Tue Dec 27 2022 23:25