Joyce A. Aros
There does not seem to be any...
Wed Dec 28, 2022 11:26

...concrete answers. One can only try to connect the dots, apply reason and logic. It is like a Detective on a dead murder case; constant alertness to any clue down the road and sometimes the truth begins to surface.

I don't pretend to actually KNOW the answers, but my sense of logic, reason, and human nature as well as the desire for self-preservation on the side of the Earps and their poor choice of friends tells me there is real truth to the story.

I do believe that Holliday was involved as thought, in the Benson stage attack. Frank Vaughn described the belief that the McLaury's and the Clantons were at Drew's that night, as he said they had stopped there overnight as they were moving cattle to the Sulphur Springs ranch of the McLaurys. Drew's was a popular stop-off for all kinds of people and it would be ideal for a stop when moving cattle and needing a place to rest horse and man. Cattle move slowly or you lose weight which means money, so you do not push too hard. I assume the men were camping nearby with the cattle to keep them contained, therefore, they would easily have heard the shots associated with the attack.

Apparently, the stories relate that young Billy Clanton hung out at Drew's quite often. Maybe the daughter was an attraction or maybe he just liked the friendly atmosphere. Charleston was another favourite of his. But he seems to not have been seen around Tombstone very much. Behan didn't know the boy well as he guessed his age way off, though Behan knew Frank and Tom fairly well and Billy was very close with Frank. Also, the day of the gunfight, Billy did not know where the West End corrals were though they were on the main business drag and the town was not that large.

Fellahy's comment in his testimony that he wanted to warn Billy Clanton to get out of town after Fellahy had been near the Earp group shortly before they went down Fremont is another thing that pulls Billy into the whole thing as a possible serious witness against Doc as the two McLaurys were dispatched immediately and then all three Earps concentrated on finishing Billy who was compromised and the only real gunman left. Sounds like over-kill to me.

Even though many ridicule Ike's reference to the Earps' approach later on regarding the Benson hit, they often forget a thing or two. All those ranchers probably pretty-well knew Holliday had done the deed and the Earps were involved. But none of them said anything which is typical of the way cowboys of the day handled things. So it wasn't till July, I think, that Holliday approached Ike in a bar and mentioned the connection between him and the other guys involved. Holliday drank too much and talked too much, and he was the first one to approach Ike on the subject.

Ike didn't want to talk about it, but now the Genie was out of the bottle because Holliday couldn't keep his mouth shut, especially as he probably told Kate about it in April, because how else would she even know? So now Morgan pursues the matter a few weeks later because he wants to know what Ike knows. Then Wyatt follows up later with a deal.

In my mind, the plot thickens!

  • prosecution witnessesbfrey, Wed Dec 28 2022 10:11
    So in the first case against Doc in which he shot Joyce in the hand, the records state none of the prosecution witnesses appeared. Doc paid a fine and it was dropped. In his other court case involving... more
    • Milt JoycePeter Brand, Wed Dec 28 2022 12:54
      Milt Joyce did not let the matter go. He had influence and he used it. He had his clash with Holliday referred to the Grand Jury and they found a case against Holliday. The County then had to follow up.... more
      • And of courseButch Badon, Wed Jan 04 13:14
        We know all the pro-Earp biographers (Lake, et al) had no biases (sarcasm). As far as I am concerned no writer's work should be taken at face value. Everything needs to be checked and there are no exclusions... more
        • Butch/ and of course...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jan 05 4:40
          You are so right. It is a lesson in humility. I read my own books randomly from time to time and still find things I wish I had worded better or actual errors. (not a lot, thank goodness!) I find such... more
          • You're on the right trackButch Badon, Thu Jan 05 11:19
            Joyce. However, everyone (including me) has an agenda. The difficulty is to review our work to recognize those instances where our bias has overridden facts. Once we recognize those errors, we have... more
            • Butch/ bias and then; bias...Joyce A. Aros, Fri Jan 06 6:46
              I think bias is often over-used just because someone has accepted support for a certain viewpoint if the evidence can be supported. Not to be a public bore; and I have used it over and over...Ike... more
              • ?Charlie, Tue Jan 31 8:52
                I'm wondering if the Clantons were such honest ranchers why was 'old man Clanton' killed by Mexicans in Guadalupe canyon? Gee what was he doing there?
                • ?/ Charlie....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Feb 01 9:20
                  ...good question; but if it is a question, could you be a little more specific? Just what was the reason for any white man to be moving cattle along the border area in the 1880's? Was it always rustling?... more
                • Re: ?B.J., Wed Feb 01 1:34
                  Clanton was not involved in cattle rustling. He was ambushed and killed while bird watching on the mexican border.
                  • Yup!...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Feb 01 9:22
                    ...there you go! More of the same. What is the back-up; that's what I would like to see.
      • local court...bfrey, Thu Dec 29 2022 9:07
        So the matter didn't go to the grand jury? Behan made a report and referred charges. It than went to a local court hearing and 3 witnesses were called and testified. We do not have any records of this... more
        • I don't knowButch Badon, Thu Jan 05 13:56
          But if it did not go to the grand jury, it was because Lyttleton Price didn't want it to. Price, according to some reports, would not prosecute any "bad man." Some folks just don't believe Price had... more
      • chasing my tail...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Dec 28 2022 13:09
        ...No doubt you are correct, but I am chasing my tail not on the incident with Milt Joyce but on Holliday's connection with the Benson stage event. I felt the newspaper journalists did not do enough... more
        • ReportersButch Badon, Thu Jan 05 14:19
          in that era tended to be more sensational than they are today. One example I can cite is at least two accounts of the citizens (they are not specifically named in the Epitaph report except that they were... more
          • Just curious, how is the Epitaph quilty of...DL Staley, Fri Jan 06 7:36
            sensationalism and racism when they are reporting what John Behan said? HE gave a long testimony of his meeting with the Chinese concluded by saying that "John Chinaman would leave when he got good... more
            • DLButch Badon, Fri Jan 06 13:50
              For me, racism is rather easy to spot and this (story) shouts its racism and sensationalism rather loud. Yes, many Tombstonites of the late 1800s wanted the Chinese to leave the city. They wanted the... more
              • DLgobs, Mon Jan 09 7:32
                Sanity at last
              • Thanks for your reply...DL Staley, Sun Jan 08 7:39
                Seems nothing has changed with the "news" media.
                • Well,Butch Badon, Sun Jan 08 16:56
                  some aspects of it anyway. But there are a few solid journalists out there doing some excellent work. Butch
              • racism is racism no matter where or when...erik hewitt, Sat Jan 07 20:34
                If you wanna preach from your pirogue down on the bayou, understand the language you use to do it. Define "race"
                • erick/ and it will never...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Jan 30 6:51
                  ... go away until everyone stops feeding it as a daily diet. The news media, especially!
                • define raceButch Badon, Sun Jan 08 18:07
                  Race: An athletic event in which a number of human beings travel a specific distance using their legs to get from point A to point B in as little time as possible. The one who travels the fastest and... more
                  • Define raceSharon Cunningham, Tue Jan 31 7:12
                    RIGHT ON, BUTCH!!!
                    • Re: Define raceB.J., Wed Feb 01 1:41
                      If Butch had his way in college, he would be able to solve the quadratic equation using his 8th grade arithmetic skills. 🤔
                    • Re: Define raceB.J., Wed Feb 01 0:27
                      Tunnel vision is not a vice of the educated.
                • I don'tButch Badon, Sun Jan 08 18:03
                  live along da Bayou any longer.
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