Joyce A. Aros
Still wondering about...
Sat Dec 31, 2022 7:52

...the testimonies of Wyatt and Virgil and why the Prosecution didn't catch any of this.

Usually, when someone relates a past occurrence, they might say 'they thought' or 'they were under the impression', or something similar. But Wyatt and Virgil KNEW, by the time they appeared in court, several things they referred to had been established against their argument.

For example, they both KNEW when they testified, that Ike and Tom had not retrieved their weapons from the location they were left at. Yet both men related their belief that Tom, at least, was armed and also, that as Virgil tried to put across, that Ike appeared to have a weapon hidden in his shirt. The lawyers did not correct them when they first interviewed them. I get the impression that either these two men were not very bright or they already knew the case was a slam-bunk and so it didn't matter much what they said.

Of course, this also demonstrates how inept the Prosecution was. Virgil claimed that Behan told him not to go down there or they would get murdered! But Virgil also claimed Behan had said he disarmed the men. How, then, can one get murdered? What was wrong with Prosecution, who should have jumped all over such contradictory statements? How can they be regarded as a 'dream team?' Wouldn't someone have asked Virgil; "Why didn't you ask how they could get murdered by men who were supposedly unarmed, according to Behan?" It boggles the mind.

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      Joyce, did you forget this was simply a hearing to determine if the defendants should be bound over for trial? A prosecution... more
      • BJ/ so the information that...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Jan 31 6:45
        ...would make that determination should have been crucial. Of course neither side would want to over-play their hand, but there still has to be some substance and preparation in order to attain the goal... more
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          Joyce, I am curious if you actually understand the difference between a "jury trial" and the "Grand Jury" ordering a jury trial? The Grand Jury (then and now) only evaluates prosecution evidence and... more
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            I probably do not recognize a difference in the two descriptions as you present them. Looks like I will have to do some worthwhile research. I really appreciate your drawing attention to what is... more