Butch Badon
The best account
Wed Jan 04, 13:36

in my opinion belongs to the Tombstone Epitaph on Oct. 27, 1881. That description was likely written on Oct. 26, 1881 - the day of the event. If a description was written on Oct. 26, 1895, it most likely is not as accuarate as the earliest description of the event. The further away in time we get, the more we get speculation. And speculation is not history.

That reminds me of an old - I think it was a Science Fiction Theater presentation (google it if you are too young to remember it) - television program about the destruction of Pompei, Italy. In this presentation, archaeologists found a rock that somehow had an audio recording extracted from it on which one could hear the noises and screams of Pompei's inhabitants.

I often think if somehow we could discover an artifact in Tombstone that recorded the events on Oct. 26, 1881. I don't know if that would settle any of our disputes over the issue, but it sure would be interesting.

Ah, but that too, is nothing more than speculation.


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