Butch Badon
Virgil's response to
Wed Jan 04, 13:52

Behan's admonition to Virgil to uphold the law was met with he (Virgil) would "give them a chance to make a fight." For me, this is a clear indication as to the Earp-Holliday mentality on Oct. 26, 1881. Their (Earp-Holliday faction) intent, in my opinion was not to enforce the law. They intended to "make a fight."


  • Re: Bob Cash What does this suggest aboutBob Cash, Fri Dec 02 2022 22:40
    Tom, you write: "What does this suggest about Virgil that he went to the scene of the shooting when there wasn't even the slightest need for him to do so?" John Behan apparently thought Virgil needed... more
    • Virgil's response to — Butch Badon, Wed Jan 04 13:52
    • You are complicaating a simple questionTom Gaumer, Sat Dec 03 2022 15:31
      Bob Here is the question simplified. Virgil and Wyatt both testified they believed Behan had said he had disarmed the cowboys. Both then testified they put their guns away further showwing they believed... more