Sarah Stegall
Olds, I’ve missed you (nm)
Thu Jan 05, 0:20

  • Maybe, butolds, Mon Oct 17 2022 9:23
    we'd need to define both "great" and "flaws." Wyatt Earp was flawed, certainly, but great? Interesting perhaps, in the sense that internal contradictions of character often are, but no, not great. (I once,... more
    • Olds, I’ve missed you (nm) — Sarah Stegall, Thu Jan 05 0:20
      • So does it then followolds, Mon Oct 17 2022 17:17
        that the less I talk the more people listen? Hmm. To follow that line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, remaining silent, whether by choice or assassination, would then attract the most listening... more
        • Or as the fat man saidDan Brown, Tue Oct 18 2022 12:34
          Before he slipped Sam Spade a mickey finn, "I like a man who likes to talk..."
          • It's a false dichotomyolds, Thu Oct 20 2022 5:13
            to assert that talking and listening are somehow mutually exclusive. Some of the best talkers and raconteurs I've known are also some of the best listeners. I've always been suspicious of the so-called... more
    • Re: Maybe, butB.J., Mon Oct 17 2022 15:53
      Hey Olds, you are in your prime, I would expect no less. BTW... I was marketing channel surfing looking for the vocabulary version of a foley catheter. However, it occurred to me they are no longer... more
      • Ha, again.olds, Mon Oct 17 2022 16:42
        Well, what can I say, save that a foley catheter is much to be preferred to an ostomy pouch, so count your blessings, or as my grandmother used to say, lucky stars.