Joyce A. Aros
Butch/ and of course...
Thu Jan 05, 4:40

You are so right. It is a lesson in humility. I read my own books randomly from time to time and still find things I wish I had worded better or actual errors. (not a lot, thank goodness!) I find such things in other books too so we all need to check our work and correct it when we can.

Hopefully bias is not the problem so much as misunderstanding or something missed. I just found a newspaper article from 1881 that clarified something in testimony which I consider important but it's too late to correct the matter.

Respectfully, Joyce

  • And of courseButch Badon, Wed Jan 04 13:14
    We know all the pro-Earp biographers (Lake, et al) had no biases (sarcasm). As far as I am concerned no writer's work should be taken at face value. Everything needs to be checked and there are no exclusions... more
    • Butch/ and of course... — Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jan 05 4:40
      • You're on the right trackButch Badon, Thu Jan 05 11:19
        Joyce. However, everyone (including me) has an agenda. The difficulty is to review our work to recognize those instances where our bias has overridden facts. Once we recognize those errors, we have... more
        • Butch/ bias and then; bias...Joyce A. Aros, Fri Jan 06 6:46
          I think bias is often over-used just because someone has accepted support for a certain viewpoint if the evidence can be supported. Not to be a public bore; and I have used it over and over...Ike... more
          • ?Charlie, Tue Jan 31 8:52
            I'm wondering if the Clantons were such honest ranchers why was 'old man Clanton' killed by Mexicans in Guadalupe canyon? Gee what was he doing there?
            • ?/ Charlie....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Feb 01 9:20
              ...good question; but if it is a question, could you be a little more specific? Just what was the reason for any white man to be moving cattle along the border area in the 1880's? Was it always rustling?... more
            • Re: ?B.J., Wed Feb 01 1:34
              Clanton was not involved in cattle rustling. He was ambushed and killed while bird watching on the mexican border.
              • Yup!...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Feb 01 9:22
                ...there you go! More of the same. What is the back-up; that's what I would like to see.