Butch Badon
Thu Jan 05, 12:12

Folks who support the Earps continue to pose that Ike was the agressor. When Ike came into the Alhambra on Oct. 25, he began to eat the lunch he ordered. No harsh words were spoken until Morgan and Wyatt Earp accosted Ike about his treatment of the Earp faction. That subsided for the length of time it took for Doc Holliday to come into the Alhambra. It was at that time the Earps "fired up" the good doctor which incensed Doc so much that he too accosted Ike saying, among other things, that Ike was "using his (Doc's) name. (I have yet to reconcile what Doc meant by that.)


  • To continue,,,,,Joyce A. Aros, Wed Nov 23 2022 15:58
    ...I think you are being a little unfair in assuming Ike was 'shooting off his mouth' to anyone he could. Actually, other than the episode in the courtroom after Virgil arrested him, no one who witnessed... more
    • Agreed — Butch Badon, Thu Jan 05 12:12