Butch Badon
Thu Jan 05, 13:53

Many old timers have left oral histories with the Arizona Pioneers Historical Society in Tucson, including Mr. Vaughn. As I recall, Vaughn asserted that Holliday was involved in the stage robbery. But I will tell you that my recall ain't as good as it once was. Hell, it ain't good even once (my apologies to Toby Keith).

And back then I wasn't even getting copies of the documents I was reading there (I had no desire other than to read and learn. And I still have no desire to write a book, so I don't have a copy of Mr. Vaughn's memories regarding the subject.

I will review my copy of Bartholomew and see if there is any clues there.


  • You are exactly right!...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Dec 29 2022 12:42
    It is the key to the whole thing and many have given up on solving it because they only accept the written word. Certainly that is the most important base to start with, but circumstantial evidence is... more
    • Interesting — Butch Badon, Thu Jan 05 13:53
      • Butch/ interesting...Joyce A. Aros, Fri Jan 06 6:21
        It is very difficult to get historical records at the AHS in Tucson anymore. The society is under-funded and so there is not always someone there. Also, the ones there are not the old-rimers who knew what... more
        • Yes, wellButch Badon, Fri Jan 06 13:29
          Tom has, in my experience, been a very giving person when it comes to helping others. Butch