Butch Badon
Thu Jan 05, 14:19

in that era tended to be more sensational than they are today. One example I can cite is at least two accounts of the citizens (they are not specifically named in the Epitaph report except that they were the Anti-Chinese league) of Tombstone who wanted the Chinese residents to leave town.

I think in one of those newspaper stories the Anti-Chinese League appointed Behan (not totally sure it was Behan, but think strongly it was) to go and talk with the Chinese to try and convince them to leave town. Behan then said he would go and talk with them. Then in a follow-up to the first article, Behan reported back and gave his opinion as to when the Chinese would leave. He gave a long testimony of his meeting with the Chinese concluded by saying that "John Chinaman would leave when he got good and ready, or in other words, when the washing got done."

So what we have here in that Epitaph report is not only sensationalism, but RACISM. And that racism was prevelant among many of our journalists then, but many (in journalism) still feel that way today. I cite Fox News as a prime example (it is my opinion that Fox journalists want only WASPS in our country).

Just some thoughts on journalists then and now.


  • chasing my tail...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Dec 28 2022 13:09
    ...No doubt you are correct, but I am chasing my tail not on the incident with Milt Joyce but on Holliday's connection with the Benson stage event. I felt the newspaper journalists did not do enough... more
    • Reporters — Butch Badon, Thu Jan 05 14:19
      • Just curious, how is the Epitaph quilty of...DL Staley, Fri Jan 06 7:36
        sensationalism and racism when they are reporting what John Behan said? HE gave a long testimony of his meeting with the Chinese concluded by saying that "John Chinaman would leave when he got good... more
        • DLButch Badon, Fri Jan 06 13:50
          For me, racism is rather easy to spot and this (story) shouts its racism and sensationalism rather loud. Yes, many Tombstonites of the late 1800s wanted the Chinese to leave the city. They wanted the... more
          • DLgobs, Mon Jan 09 7:32
            Sanity at last
          • Thanks for your reply...DL Staley, Sun Jan 08 7:39
            Seems nothing has changed with the "news" media.
            • Well,Butch Badon, Sun Jan 08 16:56
              some aspects of it anyway. But there are a few solid journalists out there doing some excellent work. Butch
          • racism is racism no matter where or when...erik hewitt, Sat Jan 07 20:34
            If you wanna preach from your pirogue down on the bayou, understand the language you use to do it. Define "race"
            • erick/ and it will never...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Jan 30 6:51
              ... go away until everyone stops feeding it as a daily diet. The news media, especially!
            • define raceButch Badon, Sun Jan 08 18:07
              Race: An athletic event in which a number of human beings travel a specific distance using their legs to get from point A to point B in as little time as possible. The one who travels the fastest and... more
              • Define raceSharon Cunningham, Tue Jan 31 7:12
                RIGHT ON, BUTCH!!!
                • Re: Define raceB.J., Wed Feb 01 1:41
                  If Butch had his way in college, he would be able to solve the quadratic equation using his 8th grade arithmetic skills. 🤔
                • Re: Define raceB.J., Wed Feb 01 0:27
                  Tunnel vision is not a vice of the educated.
            • I don'tButch Badon, Sun Jan 08 18:03
              live along da Bayou any longer.