Butch Badon
Agreed Joyce. (nm)
Thu Jan 05, 14:31

  • they are all off target from what I see. (nm)Joyce A. Aros, Sat Dec 10 2022 8:32
    • Agreed Joyce. (nm) — Butch Badon, Thu Jan 05 14:31
    • Costner’s scripted GunfightB.J., Sun Dec 11 2022 4:48
      Joyce, I would be interested in your perspective of Costner’s interpretation? Would you please specify exactly what you feel is not correct? It’s my observation that Costner at least tried to get... more
      • BJ/ Costner's version...Joyce A. Aros, Sun Dec 11 2022 16:54
        Actually, believe it or not, I like this version best as Costner does a good western and he tries to examine and develop the characters without going too far. His Holliday was much better and more believable.... more