Butch Badon
Yes he got off
Thu Jan 05, 14:46

But was he innocent?


  • Re: Is Wyatt the dummy or Fitch?Bob Cash, Wed Sep 28 2022 11:21
    Picky, picky, picky. Not too dumb. He got off didn't he?
    • Yes he got off — Butch Badon, Thu Jan 05 14:46
    • He did get off but these few lines indicateTom Gaumer, Wed Sep 28 2022 15:21
      Bob that it was in spite of Wyatt not because of him. Suppose the prosecutors had one good lawyer? Suppose the judge was not so gullible and didn't say " Considering all of the testimony... more
      • So, let me get this straightDan Brown, Mon Oct 24 2022 6:53
        Was Ike the Dummy or his lawyer? Did Ike and his lawyer discuss his testimony before he spiraled out of control or was the spiral planned as a sort of controlled crash? It was that testimony, more than... more
        • Dan/ getting straight...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Oct 24 2022 15:34
          ...You might want to go back and read Spicer's complete decision. There are more than a few slip-ups in there and they have nothing to do with Ike Clanton.