Peter Brand
Mallon was a snake
Tue Jan 24, 14:14

Mallon was within his rights to arrest Holliday, as Doc was wanted in Arizona for the murder of Frank Stilwell. However, Mallon then lied about his own background, fabricated evidence by telling the most outrageous false stories about Doc to ingratiate himself with the Denver press, and then conned at least five people out of money and weapons in order to get out of Denver. Mallon had a horrible record of abusing women and was a snake of the worst kind. He made Doc look like a thorough gentleman in comparison. His actions turned Doc into a human headline and were largely responsible for Doc's infamy thereafter.


  • So Perry MallonButch Badon, Tue Jan 24 13:40
    was a bounty hunter, amateur or otherwise. Does this necessarily make him a bad guy. I know Holliday was not happy about this guy, but how is Mallon's actions those of a nefarious dude? Butch
    • Mallon was a snake — Peter Brand, Tue Jan 24 14:14
      • Butch, since you asked the question....Peter Brand, Tue Jan 24 22:23
        Butch Since you asked the question, you may be interested in reading Mallon's full biography to understand just how vile he was. more
        • Butch, since you asked the question....gobs, Wed Jan 25 4:24
          Peter ... good plug ... but I don't need three copies ... simply states the facts without any undue bias in the retelling [or reinterpretation] ... but, as we think we know, perception lies in the eye... more