Butch Badon
Thanks (nm)
Wed Jan 25, 11:51

  • Butch, since you asked the question....Peter Brand, Tue Jan 24 22:23
    Butch Since you asked the question, you may be interested in reading Mallon's full biography to understand just how vile he was. https://www.amazon.com/Perry-Mallon-Conman-Arrested-Holliday/dp/B0... more
    • Thanks (nm) — Butch Badon, Wed Jan 25 11:51
    • Butch, since you asked the question....gobs, Wed Jan 25 4:24
      Peter ... good plug ... but I don't need three copies ... simply states the facts without any undue bias in the retelling [or reinterpretation] ... but, as we think we know, perception lies in the eye... more