Peter Brand
Hi Bob... Wyatt Earp resided...
Thu Jan 26, 1:47

Hi Bob

Wyatt & Sadie Earp resided in Los Angeles during 1892. They lived at the Hoffman House.


  • Re: Just an inquiryBob Cash, Wed Jan 25 9:42
    Butch, I've run a google search, a bing search, searched two newspaper archives, and have not been able to locate Wyatt's location in September of 1892. His home base was San Francisco at the time and... more
    • Hi Bob... Wyatt Earp resided... — Peter Brand, Thu Jan 26 1:47
      • Re: Hi Bob... Wyatt Earp resided...Bob Cash, Thu Jan 26 5:33
        Thanks, Peter. When researching this, I found a newspaper report of an undelivered telegram for Wyatt waiting for him at the Los Angeles Wstern Union office, but then I found Peteson's reference that Wyatt... more
        • Hi Bob - Boomtown SportPeter Brand, Thu Jan 26 20:49
          Hi Bob Unfortunately there are a several date errors in the Boomtown Sport article. It contains some good research, so the date errors are a pity. In one case, the article states that the Earps... more
    • Thanks BobButch Badon, Wed Jan 25 11:50
      It's going to be hard to put him in New Orleans if you can't find him. Just as an interesting aside, the Old Absinthe Bar on Bourbon Street has a list of famous people who have been in the bar on its wall.... more
      • Re: Thanks BobBob Cash, Wed Jan 25 13:41
        Could it be possible that this was put on the wall before absinthe was outlawed in 1912 (or since the ban was lifted in 2007). Maybe someone hallucinated Wyatt being there after drinking too much of the... more