Peter Brand
Hi Bob - Boomtown Sport
Thu Jan 26, 20:49

Hi Bob

Unfortunately there are a several date errors in the Boomtown Sport article. It contains some good research, so the date errors are a pity.

In one case, the article states that the Earps left San Diego and relocated to San Francisco in 1891. This is highly unlikely, as Wyatt listed San Diego as his home during their travels in 1891, and he was listed in the Los Angeles City Directory for 1892. I have no doubt that Earp and Rickabaugh were in San Francisco by November-December of 1892 to see the horse, "Lottie Mills," win 4 consecutive races. These wins prompted the duo to then purchase the horse, and on December 10, 1892 the filly won its first race for Earp & Rickabaugh in San Francisco. According to Boomtown Sport, Wyatt was then listed in the 1893 San Francisco City Directory.

None of this assists with the original question, but it does prompt a warning about some dates in the Boomtown Sport article. (other date problems relate to the Idaho and section.)


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    Thanks, Peter. When researching this, I found a newspaper report of an undelivered telegram for Wyatt waiting for him at the Los Angeles Wstern Union office, but then I found Peteson's reference that Wyatt... more
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