Joyce A. Aros
erick/ and it will never...
Mon Jan 30, 6:51

... go away until everyone stops feeding it as a daily diet. The news media, especially!

  • racism is racism no matter where or when...erik hewitt, Sat Jan 07 20:34
    If you wanna preach from your pirogue down on the bayou, understand the language you use to do it. Define "race"
    • erick/ and it will never... — Joyce A. Aros, Mon Jan 30 6:51
    • define raceButch Badon, Sun Jan 08 18:07
      Race: An athletic event in which a number of human beings travel a specific distance using their legs to get from point A to point B in as little time as possible. The one who travels the fastest and... more
      • Define raceSharon Cunningham, Tue Jan 31 7:12
        RIGHT ON, BUTCH!!!
        • Re: Define raceB.J., Wed Feb 01 1:41
          If Butch had his way in college, he would be able to solve the quadratic equation using his 8th grade arithmetic skills. 🤔
        • Re: Define raceB.J., Wed Feb 01 0:27
          Tunnel vision is not a vice of the educated.
    • I don'tButch Badon, Sun Jan 08 18:03
      live along da Bayou any longer.