Joyce A. Aros
?/ Charlie....
Wed Feb 01, 9:20

...good question; but if it is a question, could you be a little more specific? Just what was the reason for any white man to be moving cattle along the border area in the 1880's? Was it always rustling? My father-in-law was an old timer living and ranching along the border in those days and was never known to be doing anything of the sort. Should he be labelled a rustler just because he cowboyed on a ranch in that location?

Darn! All my brother-in-law cowboys must have been real hooligans and I missed all the fun!!! Why don't I listen to the guys who lived it as well?

  • ?Charlie, Tue Jan 31 8:52
    I'm wondering if the Clantons were such honest ranchers why was 'old man Clanton' killed by Mexicans in Guadalupe canyon? Gee what was he doing there?
    • ?/ Charlie.... — Joyce A. Aros, Wed Feb 01 9:20
    • Re: ?B.J., Wed Feb 01 1:34
      Clanton was not involved in cattle rustling. He was ambushed and killed while bird watching on the mexican border.
      • Yup!...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Feb 01 9:22
        ...there you go! More of the same. What is the back-up; that's what I would like to see.