Joyce A. Aros
Charlie/ how about backing that up...
Fri Feb 03, 14:55

...with some concrete records. People my age don't put much stock in gossip. Some actual records; some logic? How about just considering how much territory is in Cochise County to cover on horseback. No cell phones to report a loss of stock to a sheriff 140 miles away. Then when he finally gets the news, he has a three day trip to comb the area, Apaches to deal with, maybe, and a tuckered out saddle pony that probably needs shoes. Even if he has a couple of deputies with him, chances are the rustlers have been gone into New Mexico days ago and that is NOT Behan's jurisdiction!

Maybe you have a suggestion or two for him?

  • Re: the person you are likely referring to...Charlie, Fri Feb 03 9:17
    Oh you mean a subpoena from the one responsible for the crime area - JONNY BEHAN. You can't to be serious! The question was not about Doc , but the corrupt bunch of reprobates called honest ranchers... more
    • Charlie/ how about backing that up... — Joyce A. Aros, Fri Feb 03 14:55