Hit a nerve, eh?
Sun Feb 05, 10:39

No disrespect to your stellar c.v., but my understanding of human behavior, as you put it, is essential to what I have been doing for a living since I left grad school in the late 1970s. Whether that understanding is "greater"" than yours is neither here nor there. It's not a competition.

Of course I am aware of the difference between self-esteem and hubris, but please enlighten me with your own explanation. (And feel free to use Google.)

By the way, what is that emoji at the end of your post? I don't use them so remain singularly ignorant of such doodads.

  • Re: What we have hereB.J., Sun Feb 05 5:39
    Hey olds, I’m very impressed with your self anointed behavioral Heath education and expertise. I have two Psych degrees and have worked in behavioral health since 1970 … ….but it appears that you... more
    • No offense intendedDan Brown, Sun Feb 05 15:18
      But it's said that pride goeth before the fall, whilst low self-esteem follows most first dates and bad puns. Good luck to us all.
    • Hit a nerve, eh? — olds, Sun Feb 05 10:39