Sharon Cunningham
Tue Feb 07, 8:52

Oh...My...Gosh! I see that Olds is back at this primary job of wordsmithing! Never fails to quick, quick send me scurrying for my Oxford!

Don't stop, Olds; keeps us old folks on out toes!

  • I can explain that, Dan.olds, Mon Feb 06 16:30
    The pomo camp thing. I was mentored as an undergrad by Dr. Ihab Hassan. You can Google him, but to save you the trouble, I'll just remark that he was one of the earliest American (he was himself Egyptian)... more
    • God is clearly on your side (nm)Dan Brown, Fri Feb 24 6:59
      • Is that a good thing,olds, Fri Feb 24 18:36
        a bad thing, or a wash? Well, if He or She or It is clearly on my side, I might only wish that that entity or energy or force or First Cause or whatever, was a little less clear about it. Half the... more
    • Words... — Sharon Cunningham, Tue Feb 07 8:52
      • Well, that is my primary jobolds, Tue Feb 07 11:06
        I reckon, though I feel at this point that I had little say in the matter. I didn't choose it, it chose me. Anyway, being old myself, I suppose you could say, Sharon, that I'm keeping myself on my toes... more