Well, that is my primary job
Tue Feb 07, 11:06

I reckon, though I feel at this point that I had little say in the matter. I didn't choose it, it chose me. Anyway, being old myself, I suppose you could say, Sharon, that I'm keeping myself on my toes as much as anyone else. It's something worth doing, no? Keeping ourselves on our toes until the day when they go belly up at last (how's that for a mixed metaphor?) and in consequence, are tagged.

Happy to oblige, by the way, sending you scurrying for your Oxford. Confession: if a work does not prompt me to do the same, I somehow feel disappointed if not cheated. It's a shame, and a bafflement, that so many feel that encountering new or unfamiliar words is an aggravation rather than an opportunity to learn something.

  • Words...Sharon Cunningham, Tue Feb 07 8:52
    Oh...My...Gosh! I see that Olds is back at this primary job of wordsmithing! Never fails to quick, quick send me scurrying for my Oxford! Don't stop, Olds; keeps us old folks on out toes!
    • Well, that is my primary job — olds, Tue Feb 07 11:06