Benjamin Harleman
DeHaas & Silva
Sun Feb 19, 0:10

Without wanting to misrepresent my good friend, I'd say probably wishful thinking. The last time I talked to David about the upcoming Silva volumes was just after he retired and he had a lot of his own projects he wanted to work on. But as I understand it, the next volume of Silva's work is practically completed and just needs a little work done to have it ready to go. I don't want to tell any tales out of school, so I'll not expound and create a risk of putting my foot in mouth, but I know Dave is excited about a lot of things and working hard at getting a lot done. All that said, hopefully we'll see his and Don's book real soon, but getting published can be a lengthy process, obviously, and with a little luck maybe some more from DeHaas and Silva not too long after that.

As far as Daniel Miller, he didn't have anything on him from his recent work on the Earp associates, but mentioned that there may be something lying about in other corners. Although, I think the Coeur d'Lane item Robert mentioned is a pretty strong tie on the guy there.

For all my Earp books in my collection I don't have Fattig's, and Isenberg I wasn't really worried about acquiring. But I definitely have Silva!


  • Unfortunately, nogobs, Thu Feb 16 10:04
    Thanks Ben ... and I should have dug out Fattig and Silva ... are the DeHaas and Chaput investigations connected to the next WYATT EARP A BIOGRAPHY OF THE LEGEND or is this a very old man's wishful thinking?... more
    • DeHaas & Silva — Benjamin Harleman, Sun Feb 19 0:10
      • DeHaas & Silvagobs, Sun Feb 19 10:10
        Ben ... thanks for the info ... nice to know [or think I know] Name: Daniel C Miller Birth Date: Jul 1852 Birthplace: Virginia Father's Birthplace: Virginia Mother's Birthplace: Virginia Spouse's... more
        • In 1881.....Robert Buckley, Sun Feb 19 10:58
          In 1881, Daniel Samuel Miller was in and around Tombstone, Arizona. In 1881, Dan Ferguson was in North Platte, Nebraska. more
          • Robert Buckley In 1881.....gobs, Sun Feb 19 11:15
            Thanks again Robert ... more complications ... yes, father and son in Nebraska ... this affair is mentioned in the Coeur D'Alenes book ... it happened on October 10, 1881 and Bill Tucker was a known hardcase... more
            • In 1921...Robert Buckley, Sun Feb 19 21:43
              In 1921, Daniel M. Ferguson was 62 years old and living in Alameda, California. On Sunday, April, 17,1921, The San Francisco Examiner reported that a shipyard guard in Alameda named Daniel Miller... more
              • In 1921...gobs, Mon Feb 20 3:32
                Robert ... so "Daniel M. Ferguson was born October 1, 1859 in Pennsylvania" is now the correct date for at least one individual ... cheers
                • Leon Daniel FergusonRobert Buckley, Thu Feb 23 17:57
                  Daniel Miller Ferguson had a son named Leon Daniel Ferguson. Leon was born December 31,1896. Leon was a wing walker who performed stunts at aerial shows. He died in 1920 performing at the Sonoma fair.... more
                  • Re: Leon Daniel Fergusongobs, Fri Feb 24 5:17
                    Robert ... daring the devil could only end one way ... one definite tidbit ... Daniel M. Ferguson was Captain of the shipyard guards ... and more deaths in Belfast and trouble with the New York longshoremen... more
                    • Fingers are near to triggers and Alturas looks for tragedyRobert Buckley, Wed Mar 01 19:40
                      More Daniel Miller Ferguson,a.k.a Danny Miller at Alturas. more
                      • Robert ... another great photo ... how many of them wore the same fake moustaches in 1902? ... can't wait for the "not guilty" verdicts ... again, on Google more
                        • Danny Miller and Wyatt EarpRobert Buckley, Thu Mar 02 17:32
                          • Danny Miller and Wyatt Earpgobs, Fri Mar 03 2:31
                            How was this missed? Where's Kenny? The paper said that Julian offered five names--Hiram Cook, Billy Jordan, Bob McArthur,... more
                            • Re: Danny Miller and Wyatt EarpRobert Buckley, Fri Mar 03 3:55
                              In the 1890's, Danny owned a couple of race horses. He was well known in the race track circles. The newspapers reported him to be a gambler, gunfighter and a horseman. His name was being reported during... more
                            • Re: Danny Miller and Wyatt EarpRobert Buckley, Fri Mar 03 3:25
                              • Re: Danny Miller and Wyatt Earpgobs, Fri Mar 03 5:06
                                A Ferguson of 1894 became Miller, the "game little plunger" of 1896, according to the SF Call ... now, left holding the Corbett-Sharkey forfeit money, he's become Daniel M. Ferguson, proprietor of a sand-blast... more
                                • Re: Re: Danny Miller and Wyatt EarpRobert Buckley, Fri Mar 03 5:13
                                  According to his wife Tillie, he lost his money gambling.... more
                    • Daniel Ferguson's wife , Tillie...Robert Buckley, Wed Mar 01 1:17
                      Daniel M. Ferguson had a wife named Tillie. In 1906, she and her nine year old son,Leon,went to a restaurant. At this restaurant, Tillie tried to kill herself by drinking Lysol. Here is a newspaper... more
                      • Daniel Ferguson's wife , Tillie...gobs, Wed Mar 01 4:42
                        Robert ... I know how thorough you are and will have read these found on Google ... it appears to have been a popular local pastime more
                        • Re: Daniel Ferguson's wife , Tillie...Robert Buckley, Wed Mar 01 7:44
                          Thanks Gobs,...and I thought Texas had a lot of rope. With the newspapers stating that Daniel Ferguson was well known around the race track, I'm curious if we will find him and Wyatt together around... more
                      • Daniel Ferguson's wife , Tillie...gobs, Wed Mar 01 1:57
                        Robert ... blimey ... you have been busy ... and another photo you've found ... only pity is that he looks respectable
              • Re: In 1921...Benjamin Harleman, Sun Feb 19 23:45
                Wow, lots of good stuff, thanks guys. Dave just emailed me some clippings and comments from Chaput, and I only briefly looked it over so far, but I believe one of the articles he sent addresses the issue... more
                • Thomas Bowles ShannonRobert Buckley, Thu Feb 23 14:56
                  Daniel M. Ferguson's mother was Ellen Mary Shannon Ferguson. Her brother was Thomas Bowles Shannon. Thomas Bowles Shannon was a 49ner in the California gold rush. He was also in Congress during... more
                • Re: In 1921...gobs, Mon Feb 20 9:18
                  Ben ... it was in Silva, The Cowtown Years page 626 Lake lost his notes on Miller but wrote to to Vestal: "During the War years of 1917-1918 Danny was hired as a special officer, or guard around the... more
                  • Re: Re: In 1921...Robert Buckley, Mon Feb 20 9:29
                    Gobs, I have the newspaper clipping for the shooting in 1921 on my newspaperdotcom account. I also have a clipping of a letter Daniel wrote to the editor of the North Platte newspaper in April of 1884... more
                • Re: In 1921...gobs, Mon Feb 20 4:08
                  Ben ... this was in one of the books I checked ... of course, I can't remember which "In 1921, Daniel M. Ferguson was 62 years old and living in Alameda, California. On Sunday, April, 17,1921, The San... more