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Ben ... it was in Silva, The Cowtown Years page 626

Lake lost his notes on Miller but wrote to to Vestal: "During the War years of 1917-1918 Danny was hired as a special officer, or guard around the San Francisco shipyards. One night he saw someone slipping through, or over the barbed wire fence and called on the man to halt. The man continued to run, whereupon Danny shot once and killed the intruder. Next Danny knew he was indicted for manslaughter and fired from his job. ... you should have heard Danny about fifteen years later "Why did they give me a gun if they didn't expect me to use it? ... I was hired because I was a good shot. The man wouldn't stop when he should have, so I stopped him"

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    Wow, lots of good stuff, thanks guys. Dave just emailed me some clippings and comments from Chaput, and I only briefly looked it over so far, but I believe one of the articles he sent addresses the issue... more
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      Daniel M. Ferguson's mother was Ellen Mary Shannon Ferguson. Her brother was Thomas Bowles Shannon. Thomas Bowles Shannon was a 49ner in the California gold rush. He was also in Congress during... more
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        Gobs, I have the newspaper clipping for the shooting in 1921 on my newspaperdotcom account. I also have a clipping of a letter Daniel wrote to the editor of the North Platte newspaper in April of 1884... more
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      Ben ... this was in one of the books I checked ... of course, I can't remember which "In 1921, Daniel M. Ferguson was 62 years old and living in Alameda, California. On Sunday, April, 17,1921, The San... more